Ariya Alpacas in Quebec

Ariya Alpacas

At Ariya Alpacas, our commitment is long-term.

The core of our approach is based on herdsires that have been chosen for their various characteristics. This creates a well-diversified breeding program, necessary in order to breed in elite qualities and breed out less desirable traits. A good herdsire is an animal that has retained fineness and character of fleece as well as great conformation that can be passed on to his progeny. A good dam is one that has good maternal traits and reproductive soundness. In the search for this we have in our lineage such animals as Coyo Destini, Hemingway, Caligula, Ivano, Don Julio, Super Sam, Legacy, Vengador, to name a few.

We are striving to produce alpacas with good temperaments and consistently high quality fibre Specifically, the objective (our holy grail) over the next ten years is to be able to produce a 200-pound bale of top quality fleece that averages 15 microns. Present North American standards are closer to 28 microns. We are looking for fleece that will have a strong future in the growing international textile market place.

With all the possibilities and pitfalls that a genetic breeding program comprises, we have started with excellent breeding stock that is double registered (Canadian and American) and we are slowly building toward a herd of animals that display these desired characteristics. Breeding such animals, while scientific and logical, is still largely beyond the boundaries of human linear control. It requires careful, accurate management as well as a feeling for the well-being of the alpacas themselves. This is our goal and what guides us in the care of these very special animals.

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